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    Revitalizing the South Bronx

    Great video-article from The New York Times analyzing and depicting changes being made to revitalize the Melrose area of the South Bronx.

    The video brings insight of what not only New York is doing, but what many other cities around the country are trying to do, improve the quality of the inner city by bringing people back to it. Such urban revitalization is in urgent need to improve the communities in urban settings across the United States.

    Amanda Burden, director of the department of city planning, also focuses on the difficulty of bringing life back into these areas; as people and businesses are hesitant to move back into once undesirable sectors of New York. She also points out the fine line that planners need to walk in order to prevent the area into becoming what it used to be.

    It is also significant to see that planners and developers saved a number of the existing buildings in the area. Such preservation of older buildings is a step forward to a promising future by creating diversity not only in structures, but hopefully in the future in incomes, people, and cultures.

    Worth watching as one example of the many being implemented throughout the country.


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