• by mr. diego pardo

    Who I Am.

    I'm Diego Pardo, currently a Pre-Architectural Studies student at the University of Utah pursuing an Honors Degree.

    After my undergraduate work, I plan on pursuing a graduate degree in architecture.

    At the moment, the core of my classes focuses on the importance of good design of cities and buildings to create better places for living; as well as the importance of community, sustainability, and, aesthetics to improve the quality of our cities.

    I will post actively on this blog about new forms of art and architecture, urban planning, design, and thoughts on urban development.

    Feel free to email me with comments, questions, or thoughts.

    Diego Pardo


    Meet The Author

    i'm diego, read more about me under the 'about me' tab.



    About Me

    please refer back to 'meet the author'. by the way, you are now in an infinite loop...